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You bid it, we build it. With this method, we get involved when your design process is complete.

General contracting may also be referred to as design-bid-build, which essentially outlines the steps of the delivery method. The owner selects an architect and design team to begin working on design. After design is completed, the bid process determines the general contractor and subcontractors. The general contractor and the subcontractors are contractually bound to the owner. 


Advantages of the general contracting delivery method include lump sum contract, contractors selected by low-bid allowing for cost savings and reliable project cost post-bid, added owner control during design phase, typically complies with public bidding requirements. 


Disadvantages of the general contracting delivery method include no guaranteed maximum price (GMP) until bid process complete, potential for change orders and cost overruns, lack of owner control in bidding and contractor selection, longer overall project process, lack of collaboration and team work with design team which may result in constructability issues or adversarial relationships.

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