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One company from start to finish. As your design-build firm, D.W. Wilburn will manage the entire project.

Design-build is a delivery method where an owner contracts with a single-entity, the design-build firm, for the project. The design-build firm is responsible for selecting the appropriate architect and other design team members to develop the project design. The design-build firm handles the bidding process and contractors are contractually bound to the design-build firm.


A variation to the design-build method is the design-build-finance method, in which the design-build firm has the added responsibility of providing total project financing for the project. A lease would be negotiated and executed prior to project commencement.

Advantages of the design-build delivery method include a lump-sum contract, guaranteed maximum price (GMP), simplicity of having one contract and one responsible party, collaboration throughout design and construction, time and cost savings, owner is not responsible for conflict resolution, and early development of schedules and cost estimates.


Disadvantages of the design-build delivery method include some loss of owner control and more difficult to execute complex projects.

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